Doing without Concepts. Edouard Machery. Abstract. Over recent years, the psychology of concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 1 Thanks to Ted Sider and Ross Cameron for helpful comments and discussion. Doing Without Concepts. By Edouard Machery . Edouard Machery. Doing without Concepts. Oxford: Oxford University Press . pages. $ (cloth ISBN –0–19––0). The title is apt to.

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Gualtiero Piccinini – – Dialogue 50 1: Cognitivism in Psychology in Philosophy of Cognitive Science.

Poststructuralism in Continental Philosophy. Philosophy in Review 33 2: The notion of concept has encouraged psychologists to believe that a single theory of concepts could be developed, leading to useless theoretical controversies between the dominant paradigms of concepts. Choose your country or region Close.

The Exemplar Paradigm of Concepts 4. In brief, concepts are not a natural kind. The book concludes that the theoretical notion of concept should be eliminated from the theoretical apparatus of contemporary psychology and should be replaced with theoretical notions that are more appropriate for fulfilling psychologists’ goals.

Doing without Concepts – Oxford Scholarship

In brief, concepts are not a natural kind. According to these views, the identity conditions for a concept are to a first approximation provided not by some condition internal to a thinker, but by relations the thinker bears to phenomena in the external world. Two Kinds of Concept: This article has no associated abstract. There are a number of important reasons to think not. Sign in to use this feature.

mwchery Evidence for the Existence of Prototypes 4. Kevan Edwards – – Philosophical Psychology 24 1: The Received View 2. The notion of machefy has encouraged psychologists to believe that a single theory of concepts could be developed, leading to useless theoretical controversies between the dominant paradigms of concepts.


As a result of reading the book, I feel that I have a better grasp of what the reigning theories say, and of the experimental motivation for them.

Doing without Concepts – Paperback – Edouard Machery – Oxford University Press

A concept of x is a body of knowledge about x that is stored in long-term memory and that is used by default in the processes underlying most, if not all, higher cognitive competencies when these processes result in judgments about x.

Reasoning Anthony Simon Laden. French Philosophy in European Philosophy. Results in these areas have led many psychologists to reject what they regard as “the Classical View” that was inherited from traditional philosophy, according to which concepts have necessary and sufficient defining conditions known to competent users of them p.

Kevan Edwards – – Philosophical Psychology 24 1: The work Machery reviews consists of abundant experiments from the last forty years on various topics, including: I put “concepts” in scare quotes because, partly in view of Machery’s own claims and partly in view of some qualms I’ll raise, it’s not entirely clear just what he takes himself to be discussing.

One Hundred Years of Psychology of Concepts: Hugo Mercier – – Biology and Philosophy 25 2: As rich and detailed as Machery’s discussion is, it seems to me to fall far short of supporting any such “drastic” conclusion p. Andrew Woodfield – – Analysis 70 1: What is a Psychological Theory of Concepts? Woodfield – – Analysis 70 1: Why isn’t the moral here merely that, in fixing their beliefs, people make use of whatever they think works, and what works varies?

The Classical Theory of concepts 2. Whether or not you agree with Machery’s scientific eliminativism, foing main takeaway from his book is that “concept” is not a macchery good “natural kind” even if it may remain a useful class of natural kinds.

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Over recent years, the psychology of concepts has been rejuvenated by new work on prototypes, inventive ideas on causal cognition, the development of neo-empiricist theories of concepts, and the inputs of the budding neuropsychology of concepts.

But our empirical knowledge about concepts has yet to be organized in a coherent framework. In this way, Machery is quite right to claim that the psychological and philosophical work differ in at least their local concerns. As such, psychologists and philosophers are engaging in different projects when they talk about concepts, and Machery reviews some cases in which this has caused confusion.

Oxford Scholarship Online This book is available as part of Oxford Scholarship Online – macchery abstracts and keywords at book and chapter level. Machery offers a masterful, up-to-the-minute, polemical tour or recent work on learning, induction, and categorization. Examples of Multi-Process Theories Chapter 6.

See my for discussion. Indeed, Rosch’s pioneering work foncepts prototypes was explicitly inspired by Wittgenstein’s “family resemblance” suggestions about concepts — and, one should add, by the epistemic e.

Machery would probably reply that I’m merely pressing here the philosophical notion of concept, which is concerned with the individuation of propositional attitudes pp. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Review of Machery, ‘Doing Without Concepts’

Hybrid Theories of Concepts Chapter 4. Alternative Characterizations of the Notion of Concept Chapter 2.

His bountiful insights and arguments pave a clear and promising path for the journey beyond concepts.