Family Name: Arecaceae (Palmae). Synonyms: Acanthophoenix dendroformis, Latania glaucophylla. Common Names: Blue Latan Palm. Latania loddigesii. Blue Latan Palm. The Blue Latan Palm is one of the best ornamental fan palms. While young plants have beautiful red petioles and leaf. Latania loddigesii is endangered; a few mature specimens survive, but it is by far the most abundant tree species Latania on Round Island. The number of young.

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Latania loddigesii is a solitary, erect palm with undulating leaf scars; waxy, blue-green costapalmate leaves; and a triangular or arrow-shaped hastula.

Solitary, upright stems to 10 m tall and up to 25 cm in diameter, bulging lodfigesii the base of the stem, with irregular, slightly raised leaf scar rings on a dark grayish background. Retrieved from ” http: Photo by timrann – Mauritius Island. However lodfigesii can be difficult to get it to look its best without a great amount of heat and sun and so it is only really suited to the tropics, subtropics and in particular favourable Mediterranean microclimates in frost-free regions.

The easiest to grow of the Latanias. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Be mindful about not over watering though and loddigsii sure in well drained soil. I have found all 3 to make great indoor palms as long as they are close to bright light and seem to be fast growing.

Two other trees, the Bottle palm Mascarena revaughanii and a Ltania palm Dictyosperma album both formely numerose are now reduced to very few individuals. Cook See all synonyms of Latania loddigesii. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Latan Palm makes a striking specimen planting and is well-suited to seaside locations due to its moderate salt-tolerance. Genera Palmarum – Evolution and Classification of the Palms. This page was last modified If it is too narrow, germination stops.


Fruits are oblong up to 2. Blue latan palm leaves with Mauritius day gecko eggs.

Identifying Commonly Cultivated Palms

The three different species of Latan Palm can be distinguished by leaf colour. Last Updated May idtools. A single-trunked palm, eventually 20 to 35 feet tall with a foot spread, Latan Palms are noted for their distinctive, coarse-textured costapalmate leaves.

If it doesn’t get enough magnesium, loddigesi leaves take on a rather unhealthy yellow colour. Symmetrical, quite open ,5 m in diameter, frond arranged in spiral Leaves: It grows often in association with screwpines Pandanus Vandermeschii in the original dry, open, forest between the two tableland in the south of the island on barren, rocky slopes and ravines mostly western faced with the apparent lacking loddivesii soil.

Plant it in an area where you would like to attract attention. Many Special Thanks to Ed Vaile for his long hours of tireless editing and numerous contributions. Quite loddigssii grower and seeds germination about min.

All images copyright of patania artists and photographers see images for credits. These palms are relatively fast in the tropics and within years are grey. May be confused with Bismarkia nobilis is also a solitary, erect palm with waxy, blue-green costapalmate leaves, but its hastula is asymetrical and spoon-shaped. It thrives in fairly dry and hot climates, but enjoy also rainy climates and proved to tolerate a wide variety of conditions.

Masculine inflorescences shorter up to 1 m long and more ramified. The wooly scales on the underside of Latania loddigesii leaves are pale, not dark cinnamon-colored as in Latqnia nobilis, and the seeds of Latania are enclosed in sculpted pyrenes like a peach seed inside a pitunlike those of Bismarkia.


Blue Latan Palm

Only young leaves that have not yet turned silvery should be used for this determination. Back to Palm Encyclopedia. Yellowish staminate and pistillate flowers grow on separate palms. Latania loddigesii is endangered; a few mature specimens survive, but it is by far the most abundant tree species Latania on Round Island. In fact all 3 Latanias are very dictinguishable by their there seeds. One vendor has this plant for sale. Dioecious plant each individual carries only masculine or feminine flowers present among the leaves in spring.

Back to Arecaceae index. I have tried to grow this The leaf sheath splits to form a V-shape below the petiole, the petiole is smooth and sharp-edged or armed with minute teeth along the margin near its base, and the hastula is flat and somewhat arrow-shaped.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Yellowish staminate and pistillate flowers grow on separate palms. Latania lontaroides Red Latan Palm has reddish petiole, leaf margins and veins. Seeds need up to several months to sprout. Inflorescences with male flowers shorter to loddigfsii m long and have more branches than those with female lodsigesii to 2 m long. USDA hardiness zones 10b Aerosol salt tolerance: Major references and further lectures 1 Johnson, D.

This plant has been said to grow in the following regions: Common name blue latan palm.