Sterelny Kim, The Australian National University, Philosophy Department, Faculty Member. Studies Evolutionary Biology, Archaeology, and Philosophy. 8 Results Visit ‘s Kim Sterelny Page and shop for all Kim Sterelny books. Check out Kim Sterelny. Follow . by Kim Sterelny and Paul E. Griffiths. “Written with both clarity and rigor, Thought in a HostileWorld is a richly informed and sophisticated account of theevolution of complex cognition. Sterelny’s.

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Professor Kim Sterelny – Researchers – ANU

While nearly everyone is in favor of biodiversity and its conservation, methods for its assessment vary enormously. In this paper, I argue that the adaptive fit between human cultures and their environment is persuasive evidence that some form of evolutionary mechanism has been important in driving human cultural change. The book is relentlessly well-reasoned, and gives a good scientific and philosophical overview of the nature of thought.

Advocates of this viewpoint argue that there is both accuracy and sterelhy Sterelny’s book could aptly be renamed Clear Thought in aMuddled World and evolutionary psychologists, in particular,would benefit from reading it. One is the Clark—Chalmers model, extended further by Clark and others. Last Will and Testament: Organisms and Their Environment more. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

Kim Sterelny, SNAFUS: An Evolutionary Perspective – PhilPapers

Log In Sign Up. Concepts, by and large, are not acquired through the inductive confirmation of definitions. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Williams – – Philosophy of Science 40 4: It’s not just switching on a little cognitive machine already there, or kick-starting an endogenously controlled process.


Kim Sterelny

An Introduction to the Philosophy of Biology sterflny. In what ways is cultural evolution constrained, and what explains those constraints? That selective theory explains important aspects of the community organization of science, an organization which is central to scientific progress. Adaptable individuals and innovative lineages more. I recall that when, as a graduate student in economics at Harvard in or so Thankfully, that prejudice lies largely in the past, contemporary philosophers dealing with the nature dterelny being human having becomes rather attentive to current scientific findings.

Symbiosis, Evolvability and Modularity more. Read more Read less.

The Natural Origins of Content’, Philosophia. This paper targets the supposed contingency of human history. Thought in a Hostile World is an exploration of the evolution of cognition, especially human cognition, by one of today’s foremost philosophers of biology and of mind. Rational Choice in The Neolithic? A Critique of the Standard Model.

The first is to offer an explicit and substantive theory of the evolution of human intelligence [Homo sapiens is by far the most intelligent of species, and the gap between ourselves stere,ny other intelligent species is stunningly large]. I argue that language is a special case of a more general phenomenon—cumulative cultural evolution—and while we rarely have direct information about communication, we have more direct information about the cumulative cultural evolution of technical skill, ecological strategies, and social complexity.

Get to Know Us. The Evolution of Human Cognition received the Lakatos Award [3] for a distinguished contribution to the philosophy of science.

Because culture can ssterelny maintained across generations, groups can be selected on the basis of the extent to which their cultural practices are biological fitness enhancing. I argue that there are important differences between organic evolution and Evolutionary Biology in Philosophy of Biology categorize this paper.


This book provides a Darwinian account of the nature and evolution of human cognitive capacities, and is an important alternative to nativist accounts familiar from evolutionary psychology. Articles 1—20 Show more.

Cooperation and its Evolution. Kik Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. See all 4 reviews. Sterelny presents compelling arguments that this “folk psychology” is virtually universal, and has evolved biologically because it is a basically accurate model of human behavior that allows people to predict and understand the behavior others, thus enhancing their biological fitness.

Advocates of this viewpoint argue that there is both accuracy and utility in treating niche construction as an evolutionary process in its own right, rather than merely as a product of evolution. Maclaurin and Sterelny also explore the case for the conservation of these biodiversities using option value theory, a tool borrowed from economics. Many mechanisms of replication are involved in both development and evolution.

Constructing the Cooperative Niche more. For example, we can, at least tentatively, identify forms sterleny cooperation that are stable only if third party information is transmitted widely, cheaply, and accurately. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. We argue i Dawkin’s sterdlny to segregate developmental and evolutionary The Return of the Gene more.

Abstract —The niche-construction perspective within evolutionary biology places emphasis on the changes that sterelyn bring about in their selective environments.