After several years of searching, I finally own the first Jovian Chronicles book for Mekton II. It only cost me $9 too, so I’m happy I didn’t break. Index background Search: Jovian Chronicles (12 results) Ianus Publications: Interlok / Mekton 1 () Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy. Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Open Game · 1 member. Home · Members · Topics · Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Leaders & Moderators. RPG Post. Owner. Joined.

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The series art and mechanical designs were created by John Moscato and Ghislain Barbethe latter who was also responsible for the artistic style which chronocles all of the Dream Pod 9’s lines including Heavy Gear and Tribe 8.

It was one of the rare quiet moments since their departure. This page was last modified on 16 Marchat I shall go and prepare myself for the trip”. Except for a short weightlessness period midway through the trip, the passengers feel a normal gravity during the transfer, much to the relief of some weak-stomached travelers. She took a moment to pull up some information on her station and then got right down to business. The power draw is significant though, so the cannon is fitted with a supplementary, pre-charged capacitor cell that can only provide enough additional power for a handful shots in secondary firing mode.

Also, this is likely a chance for new players to join as well. Micro-meteors, dust and solar radiations cause a mskton degradation of all space constructs. For armor protection the Ghost is currently equipped with full Reinforced Mesh “Alpha” armor over all locations.

All three exo-pilots of her flight were in the wardroom at the same time.

Rachel just waved when she was introduced, showing off her seemingly crudely constructed cybernetic arm, as she listened to the briefing she concluded two things. Next to her is the unit’s Retalliator pilot, Lt. Vezina and Etienne Gagnon sinceusing R. Mercer I am very familiare with mektin Spec. Railguns are single shot cannons while mass-drivers are guns with a Burst Value.

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Jovian Chronicles

I’ve never worked with civilians in the past but like all military i have preconceived ideas about civies. She smiled her half cybernetic smile, something her boss called unnerving.

The problem was lessened by the development of the magnetic screen see below. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Cjronicles was having flashbacks to his training. Lightning Strike The strike carrier thundered ahead, its massive hull gleaming in the light of the distant Sun. As a rule, the flight instructors had none.

Although a very efficient weapon, the particle cannon is one of the most expensive weapons in existence, in addition to being an energy hog. She had been riding them pretty hard with simulator time and other things designed to bring out weaknesses and to be honest she hadn’t found many. The Journey of the Corpse. All this gives the exo-armor a definite advantage over the classic spacefighter which has to fire verniers whenever altering its course.

Relying extensively on superconductive neural nets and complex expert system programs, they are used as crewmembers on spaceships and mekhon copilots in fighters and exo-armors. Though this joint training will be taking place as pirate busting patrols and other similar activities, let’s face it.

The bridge of a modern spaceship has a rather peculiar design.

Dream Pod 9: Jovian Chronicles

Welcome to the 23rd Century The sudden explosion sends you tumbling wildly out of control. Each is being home to up to 20 million people. Upon arrival in Earth’s orbit, other drones separated them from the rock and refueled them for another trip. We are going to be heading directly out on an active patrol of the belt, action is almost a certainty, so we need to be ready. Commander Onuaha waited a moment, scanning the faces of the pilots and then nodded.

As I stated, the loadout and systems may change as testing progresses.

Eventually though both exo-pilots and the Venusian tech crew got dressed with the techs meeting up with a Mercurian tech and making their way to the shuttle while the pilots donned spacesuits and were guided to the cargo containers with their individual chronicless.


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Jovian Chronicles – 1d4chan

I’ve seen my fair share of combat with pirates though, so I’m far from green. Unfortunately, this places great strain on the thruster array, so most pilots only use their jpvian as jump jets to allow them to cool down periodically. You may have never set foot off Earth before now, but I’ve never been on Terrestrial land before.

We are starting a patrol of the Belt. So who from the original players are still in? The Lance is a compressed-gas cylinder with an ionizer ejector system at one end. Retrieved from ” https: Amazon Second Chance Jovisn it on, trade it in, give it a second life. She had something to say, however it would not be in her best interests to say it, instead she absentmindedly patted her datapad.

As a result, combat is once again short-ranged: A vehicle is called an exo-armor when its control system is a linear frame see below.

Amazon Music Stream chroniclees of songs.

A blob of vomit floating around in zero G is not a pleasant sight, nor easy for you to clean up. If things go well, this will be the first of many units such as this to help us prepare for the unfortunate likelihood of war with the CEGA. A popular hypothesis states that the lack of human contact during their growth in the womb is responsible for the long-term failure of the experiment.

Oh I’m not playing a german.