Habraken wrote a book called ‘Supports’ which proposed a method of mass housing where the ‘support’ or base building is separated from. Supports: An Alternative to Mass Housing [N. J. Habraken] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The architecture / housing / urbanism book that launched the Supports / Open Building movement John F.C. Turner · out of. Entrevista a John Habraken Almost fifty years after the publication of your book Supports, and with the mass housing dominating us, your theories are still.

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How could two alternative designs be compared if no floor plans could be compared? How could a client know that the support design, proposed by the architect, was indeed the best possible design? Languages Deutsch Nederlands Edit links. This is a weak version of the original Dutch text which said, translated literally: Variations, the Systematic Design of Supports. Mass housing habrsken based on the single, standardized, floor plan to be repeated as many times as possible, preferably throughout the entire nohn.

Spatial Agency: John Habraken

This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat Once this floor plan was decided upon all participants in the process – consultants, contractors and sub – contractors as well as inspectors, could proceed in their own domain. He supoprts a fabric of courtyards some of which were accessed from a street and gave access to the units in the four floor structure while others served as garden space for the units around it.

Naturally, his work for OASE is also shown extensively in this exhibition. Moreover suppodts technical facilities may be found in very different parts of the dwelling surface. Supports advocated an approach where the State provided the infrastructure on top of and between which people could build their own housing, influenced in some respects by the work of the Megastructuralists.

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The structure is U shaped around a garden courtyard and has a public path going up five floors to end at another public roof garden. SAR developed a method by which a link could be made between the actual base building and the range of floor plans it made possible.

His theoretical contributions are in the field of user participation in mass housingthe integration of users and residents into the design process. habrakn

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For a demonstration of sophisticated data processing in support of a commercial housing project, the Arabianranta project in Helsinki by Kahri architects and Tocoman data processing is a prime example. His theoretical research has earned him international fame. Once available habraoen English, it was widely distributed, reprinted several supportw and translated in other languages many of them unauthorized and unseen by the author. Their joint submission to the competition did not only offer a support design but also a detailed procedure in dealing first with individual would-be occupants to help them plan their units providing instant costs information, to then pass on the detailed specification and technical details to the builder.

N. John Habraken – Wikipedia

In it’s ‘conclusion’ the English edition says ” There is no question of invention here, but rather of a certain insight”. This text apparently triggered people’s hopes as well as fears. The theme “Resident or user participation” has been linked to Structuralism and Open building. I do not know if I was more impressed with his generosity talking to everyone who came to him or with his wisdom expressing ideas and criticisms on contemporary architecture.

The uses of this method is explained in this book and illustrated with many examples in a step by step exposition. This is considered an issue of management and resource allocation, as exempilfied in the work of organisations such as Habitat for Humanity or the Community Design movement of the US. The residential area Bomenbuurt was planned by Berlage in Habraken explains the potential of the Open Building approach in architectural practice.

What I considered a statement of humility – after all there was not much we could do to influence events, but we should seek to understand them – was promptly denounced as one of arrogance.

John Habraken

Participation, Flexibility, Enablement New York: John Habraken, a Dutch citizen, was born in Bandung, Indonesia in Wiewel and Sue Gibbons from the original Dutch publication: The INO intensive care hospital project in Bern, Zwitserland, contains valuable experience in the application of the multi-level approach not just in a complex building project, but particularly in the re- organization of a institutional organization in control of large public building facilities.

John Worthington, ‘Habraken Supports: Van Nostrand Reinhold, Form and Control in ssupports Built Environmented. English translation by W. The visual result of his theory is the architecture of lively variety.


It was praised by some as a true Marxist theory in that it would emancipate the masses, but also as a genuine capitalist approach in that it trusted individual initiative of the user.

He is one of the most controversial architects of his generation joyn concerned to the redefinition of the role of the architect. Giorgio Macchi re-organized his office to apply the two level distinctions to all projects. As winners of the competition Khari and Tocoman found Sato development company willing to take on their project. Habraken explains the potential of the Open Building approach in architectural practice.

Once available, the range allowed judgment and comparison. An Alternative to Mass Housing in This was an initiative of Osaka Gas Commpany who asked prof. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Only after construction of the primary structure was under habrakne, a second competition was called for the interior design and an entirely different design office became responsible for this detailed response to present functional demands. The WOBO is a stackable beer bottle that can be used to build a bottle wall.

Taking away the fixed floor plan of the dwelling unit was taking away the focus of the proces of design realization. Soportes, una alternativa al alojamiento de masasAlberto Corazon, Madrid, date?

It aims to understand it in order to make it possible into the context of Brazilian contemporary architecture. Because the Skpports has joun different architectural styles and building ensembles, it could be interesting for the discussion about “Possibilities and Limitations” see References below. So far the idea has refused to die. The project comprises a building block in an extant part of Osaka city. This special edition about Karel Martens and the Architecture of the Journal will be presented on several occassions.