Dive deep into Albert Speer’s Infiltration with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. Inside Himmler by Walter Laqueur Published: October 4, INFILTRATION By Albert Speer. Translated by Joachim Neugroschel. pp. New York. Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer was a German architect who was, for most of World He wrote a third book, Infiltration, about the SS. Speer died of a.

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Daze rated it liked it Jan 21, There is, however, the danger of making too much of this point. Speer no doubt tried to be fair and to understand what really happened. Christopher Zone rated it liked infitration Apr 18, The justified struggle of the Jews against their arch-enemies increased the anti-Jewish hatred of the Party to aobert an extent that it refused to make any exceptions or go back in any way.

Shortly after Hitler had come into power, he had albret to make plans to rebuild the chancellery. He had completed his memoirs bywhich became the basis of Inside the Third Reich and which Wolters arranged to have transcribed onto 1, typewritten pages. Nazism outside of Germany. He told Hitler in no uncertain terms that without Silesia, “the war is lost. InThe Daily Telegraph reported that documents had surfaced indicating that Infilgration had approved the allocation of materials for the expansion of Auschwitz after two of his assistants toured the facility on a day when almost a thousand Jews were killed.

While Speer had tremendous power, he was of course subordinate to Hitler. The documents bore annotations in Speer’s own handwriting. While they were there, his friend, Nazi Party official Karl Hankerecommended the young architect to Joseph Goebbels to help renovate the Party’s Berlin headquarters. Production of German fighter aircraft wpeer more than doubled from to Unlike others on the dock in Nuremburg, Speer accepted some responsibility and expressed remorse for his use of slave labor during the war.

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Articles and topics related to Albert Speer. Lutz Graf Schwerin von Krosigk. David rated it it was amazing Mar 31, Sinceit has served as the offices of the Royal Society.

Alan palmer rated it really liked it Apr 30, In the Nuremberg trials, in which he received a 20 -year sentence, he was virtually the only defendant who did not attempt to deny his personal responsibility.

Knfiltration debate over Speer’s knowledge of, or complicity in, the Holocaust made him a infilgration for people who were involved with the Nazi regime yet did not have or claimed not to have had an active part in the regime’s atrocities.


Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger. Speer made himself widely available to historians and other enquirers. Speer had originally intended to write about German armaments in general.

If Himmler wanted infiltrahion engage in one of his bizarre schemes, such as mass-producing high-octane gas from firtree roots or geraniums, Hitler was unlikely to interfere. I actually think where this book will be most valuable to historians is in piecing together Speer’s ambiguous postwar legacy, and in that sense it’s a shame that Gitta Sereny didn’t give it more attention inifltration Albert Speer: Speer’s supporters maintained a continual call for his release. No department head could be older than 55—anyone older being susceptible to “routine and arrogance” [63] —and no deputy older than Nifiltration asks in his final book Infiltration”What would have happened if Hitler had asked me to make decisions that required the utmost hardness?


Karl Brandtand he slowly recovered. When Speer sought the appointment of Hanke as a labor czar to optimize the use of German and slave labor, Hitler, under the influence of Martin Bormanninstead appointed Fritz Sauckel.

Inside Himmler – INFILTRATION By Albert Speer

It may be a valuable historical record, however, which is part of why I want to come back to it. In April, Speer’s rivals for power succeeded in having him deprived of responsibility for construction. Following his release inSpeer published two bestselling autobiographical works, Inside the Third Reich and Spandau: In spite of these losses, German production of tanks more than doubled inproduction of planes increased by 80 percent, and production time for Kriegsmarine ‘s submarines was reduced from one year to two months.

These seconds [when Hanke told Speer this, and Speer did not inquire] were uppermost in my mind when I stated to the international court at the Nuremberg Trial that, as an important member of the leadership of the Reich, I had to share the total responsibility for all that had happened.