Download Hyper Estraier for free. Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. It works as with Google, but based on peer-to-peer architecture. Hyper Estraier is a very powerful full text search engine written in C, after i make some comparison between different kind of full text search. Hyper Estraier is a search engine which can handle massive files. Since we can make one index for all e-mail messages, we are able to find target messages.

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Let’s try it as it is:. Other arguments are parsed according to each sub command. The name of a sub command is specified by the first argument. Users should periodically update the indexes.

Hyper Estraier extension

For example, to find messages which are matched to “keyword” and which are from “alice” and to “bob”, type as follows:. This section describes specification of estwaverwhose purpose is to index documents on the Web. If some documents in your site are deleted, please reflect them to the index.

And configure PATH with the control panel. You should add the directory where you installed Hyper Estraier. You should install the newest versions for them. Detail information of the command and the CGI script is described in the user’s guide. This document describes how to construct a full-text search system with the command and the CGI script, seeing a subject matter of a search system of a web site.


Please refer to the Search section of the Mew manual for concrete usage. It would be much faster than typing “kM”. Do as the following. On Windows, the Cygwin environment is required for building. Note that “keyword” cannot be omitted. No augments are required. For example, to find messages which are matched to “keyword” and which are from “alice” and to “bob”, type as follows: As well, it is suggested to build QDBM with enabling zlib.

One is as a library to construct a full-text search system. This guide describes usage of Hyper Estraier’s web crawler. Search of Hyper Estraier is first finding files matched to “keyword” then filtering the files with “filter rule”s.

Extension:Hyper Estraier – MediaWiki

esyraier Then, let’s deploy requisite files into there. If it is not necessary for you to use filter, just type RET when specifying filter rules. As for a binary package, see its installation manual. If you haven’t read user’s guide and P2P guide yet, now is a good moment to do so.

Though it is okay to delete the index and remake it, incremental registration is useful. QDBM is not necessary. All records in the index are scanned and records of deleted documents are removed.


When you want to omit “keyword”, you probably should use “? Let’s try to search the index as with the following command:. The interface of filter command is same as with -fx option of estcmd gather. A database called inverted index is used in order to search for documents quickly.

When an archive file of Hyper Estraier is extracted, change the current working directory to the generated directory and perform installation. Note that QDBM 1.

Crawler Guide of Hyper Estraier Version 1

Arbitrary filter commands can be specified with typerule. Following command will create casketthe crawler root directory:.

The configuration file is composed of lines and the name of an variable and the value separated by “: If you want to update entries for the messages in the current folder, type “km”.