Manual for MSoftX, made by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd (Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd). Huawei Technologies Proprietary. i. HUAWEI MSOFTX Feature Description. Index. Index A Alert SC, availability alarm for malicious short message. Hello, Sharing with you Configuration Guide Examples for Interworking Huawei Softswitch to other network peripherals. Pls. PM for the.

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Performance Management Measurement management provides function of creating, modifying, and deleting a measurement task as well as querying detailed information about a measurement task.

Huawei MSOFTX Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

I will try to include as many as possible but due to character limitation I will skip some sections. Wireless Network Info Community Members: Core Network Info Community Members: Measurement management provides function of creating, modifying, uhawei deleting a measurement task as well as querying detailed information about a measurement task.


The integrated configuration cabinet provides the following functions: Fault Management Description This section contains information about Fault Diagnosis System, General Flow of Troubleshooting, Alarm handling description of basic concepts and alarm theory.

Group Post User Document. Application-based Organization Users need to use different documents to complete different tasks.

MSOFTX Product Documentation-Core Network Info Community-Huawei Connect

It accommodates one or two service processing subracks one basic subrack and one optional expansion subrackLAN Switches, and other components. Figure shows the mapping between user roles and CPI documents.

In each category of service, the definition, service flow, data configuration, verification, troubleshooting, and additional information for the service are provided.

Huzwei could not find any issue with the library. I know we hardly find any such perfect library in HedEx but it is one of those few.

Fixed Network Info Community Members: Knowledge Guide This knowledge guide serves as a navigation node for different categories of services. A quick overview of the library is given in the location Library Information?


Issues with the Library: The hardware part describes the physical and logical structure in detail. Link to the library: Figure shows the network evolution strategy. The operating system with vulnerabilities is easy to be attacked by hackers and viruses, thus leading to problems such as the network service interruption, information loss, data damage and low running efficiency.

The figure shows the architecture of the performance measurement PM system. Return New post Share. Just like any other library, this one is also organized in three ways.

Security Management Description The security of the operating system is the basic requirement for proper running of NEs and legal user operations.