When I first saw Darmani’s Grief Child in the bookstore and looked at the title, many synonyms came to mind sorrow, pain, anguish, misery. Grief Child [Lawrence Darmani] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. GRIEF CHILD. ISBN 25 1. This novel won the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for First Book, Africa Region, in , and selected by the West Africa.

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It has practical situational dilemmas readers can easily relate to as they enjoy the stories.

Second Term at the Eternity Senior High School turns out to be highly eventful, with lots of expectations to pursue. Can a baby be lawernce away at birth and still manage to grow up and enter senior high school? She is cast as an evil woman whose life is shrouded in mystery and crowned by an innate desire to hate others.

Where is this Eternity Senior High School anyway? This book really deserve the award. It teaches more moral lessons and African culture.

Lawrence Darmani – Novels

It is especially so for fiction which provides a wide array of texts to choose from. Gabrielle rated it it was amazing Aug 04, Adu, a happy preteen boy lived with his family in Susa, a village located in the South of Ghana.

This is because Adu has been dreaming about a leopard chasing him. By the time Asamoah discovers thart the school entertainment is not bad after all, it is too late for him to undo what chikd has done. Nov 22, Maureen rated it liked it. But he wanted to live”. So daring is the invading virus that not even Cudjo himself, the passionate campaigner, is spared. It’s the best Ghanaian novel I’ve read. Mar 09, Maxwell Agyemang-Yeboah rated it it was amazing.


Kukua never thought examination fever could cause her to do what she did to make Mr.

This is because, its chapter have an effect on the reader especially in emotions. In this village midnight w It was midnight. Sep 09, Bra Anyaa rated it it was amazing. So while the other students are enjoying themselves, Asamoah sneaks out of campus to the Beach Front in a wild quest for proper entertainment. The greatest weakest of the story was, it couldn’t explain further about what happened to the people who helped Afolabi in reaching his goal.

Is one of the interesting laawrence you could ever get to read. Sad story of a young boy who loses his parents and only sister in a matter of months. However the challenge lies in deciding what to hold on to and what to borrow from other cultures even as we abandon others.

Bayo, griief Senior Housemaster of Savanna. Hi mary this is erasmus, it was nice using ur review, it helped me a lot especially for my paper work i did. My suggestion is that you would have to give it a chance and then make up your mind whether it is worth it or not. Read this piece back inand I do remember reading with eye-filled tears at some point.

Is the novel then worth your time to read? Saying a painful goodbye to her family, she travels to the south and joins the hustlers. As the first end-of- term examination fast approaches and the exam fever inflicts him, Sando panics and seeks help from someone who is reported to have supernatural powers. Despite the love and support he obtains from his friend — Anane and his teachers, Adu cannot come to terms with the turn of events that have catapulted him into an abyss of perpetual torment — physically, psychologically and spiritually.


And what is his picture doing on the front page of the newspapers? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

She has returned to claim Samira, her only daughter. As a result, the villagers appear to sometimes express doubt and even at other moments they seem to falter between doing things the traditional way or the Christian.

Grief Child

I understand how you feel. See all 4 questions about Grief Child…. His role in helping the Chief of Buama apprehend and lawrdnce local thieves provides him with a sense of meaning in life. It shows the similarities of challenges of what people go through.

Would cnild to hear your opinion. Mary Okeke 7 October at Together with his small team of health personnel, they travel to the village and what they see astonishes them.