Also by David Graeber. Toward an Anthropological 3 The Utopia of Rules, or Why We Really Love Bureaucracy After All. Appendix. On Batman and the. With this diagnosis in mind, it is surprising that Graeber doesn’t explore The Utopia of Rules is packed with provocative observations and. The Utopia of Rules has ratings and reviews. To answer these questions, anthropologist David Graeber—one of the most prominent and.

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Retrieved January 24, Presenting it through a rich tapestry of ideas and examples, the central idea of The Utopia of Rules is that capitalists determined the world we live in, based on their own interests.

Computers are nice, sure, but where are the robot factories, moon colonies, and flying cars that many people confidently assumed were just around the corner 50 or 60 years ago? Published February 24th by Melville House first published I’m hesitant to recommend this book.

I’m going to sum this book up with a summary of a section towards the end: Inglis, Fred May 14, This is the chorus with which to laugh the trousers off corporate management.

So, bureaucracy is institutionalized violence – okay. Sep 18, William Leight rated graber it was amazing. With that said, he’s no dummy, and the book could be used for thinking about ideas including play, games, imagination and rules. Accordingly, it’s also rambling, wandering off in many directions. A thrill and pleasure to read. It hhe is, it creates a neat and orderly and grossly oversimplified uhopia of everything in the world, then pretends that is the world.

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This holiday season, you will fail to change the world. And if there are to be rules, they must be enforced somehow, or else they are meaningless, and thus it is that you end up not just with bureaucracy but with people actively demanding ever more bureaucracy.

Or is there a way to get rid of all those hours od listening to bad call-centre music?

The Utopia of Rules » Melville House Books

The result is a demanding, important exa Says one of the brilliant booksellers at Word Bookstore: And “What ultimately lies behind the appeal of yhe is fear of play” p.

Harris, Gareth December 16, Tomas Hachard wrote for NPR that the book is part academic and part radical politics.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. British Journal of Industrial Relations. I thought the use of the word “stupidity” in the title was merely an attempt to grab attention by being cheeky. Bowker Books in Print.

David Graeber on the Utopia of Rules: Why Deregulation is Actually Expanding Bureaucracy

The heroic American image of the police sees them as constantly engaged in the struggle against violent crime, but in reality most interactions between police and civilians involve breaking some bureaucratic rule usually a motor vehicle violation.

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Not entangled in government directives as utopiw every public body is at the present time, these were genuinely autonomous institutions. Piliavsky, Anastasia March 1, Graeber, whose best-selling book, Debt: Mar 09, Andrew rated it really liked it Shelves: Technological innovation, like scientific innovation, tends to happen in spurts or clusters. The First 5, Years: So much that I had thought about, but could never articulate, about the “State” and society in general was found in this book.

Gatenby, Mark November So here’s a conclusion you don’t often hear in a book review: No doubt the NHS as it existed a generation ago was far from perfect.

I see other reviewers criticise the book for offering no solutions, but, well, there obviously isn’t one, it’s the way it is.