Low cost Glulam Portals have been successful in achieving a total saving of up to 13% in comparison to standard steel frame structures, when compared to the. Glulam frame of a roof structure. Glued laminated timber, also called glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product The result was the first glulam portal. In , Hetzer moved his company to Ettersburger Strasse, still in Weimar. Key words: construction design, structure, three-pinned frames, long-span, . Glulam portal frames (reproduced from Handbook 1 – Timber structures. ).

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Prefabrication is portxl employed and the structural engineer needs to develop clear method statements for delivery and erection at an early stage in the design. A glulam frame can carry its full load immediately after the assembly. In contrast with laser cutting machines, the cost-effective CNC machines carve the material using mechanical tools, like a router. There are also many complex structural systems, e.

Glulam construction

The architect Frank Gehrysuggested a design with large double-curved Yellow-Pine Glulam glilam, and the ice rink was constructed in The result was the first glulam portal. Glulam is readily produced in curved shapes and it is available in a range of species lgulam appearance characteristics to meet varied end-use requirements. The PostFinance Arena is an example of a wide-span sports stadium roof using glulam arches reaching up to 85 metres.

An appealing aesthetic appearance which acts as a valuable addition to the interior and exterior environment.

Glued laminated timber

poortal Glulam provides the strength and versatility of large wood members without relying on the old growth-dependent solid-sawn timbers. No other building material can be compared with glulam for expressing architectural or structural possibilities. This is supported by the light weight of the material, combined with the ability to furnish long lengths and large cross-sections.

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Retrieved 19 April Straight beams are manufactured with a constant cross-sectional dimension, mono-pitched or double-pitched. Because of their composition, large glulam members can be manufactured from a variety of smaller trees harvested from second- and third-growth forests and plantations.

Glulam construction

Good heat insulating characteristics, reducing the effect of cold bridges and the risk of condensation. Buildings, bridges and ships have been built in glualm for many centuries. Furthermore, when using glulam it is possible to obtain larger cross-sectional dimensions and longer lengths than solid construction timber.

Since the year ofThe United States have been operating the glulam manufacturing standards. Glulam manufactured gluam other methods than according to the regulations contained in the codes, e.

Glued laminated timber – Wikipedia

A high strength to weight ratio, enabling wide spans. Glulam beams can be arranged in the form of a grid. Retrieved 3 February Glulam construction Glulam has greater strength and stiffness than structural timber of similar dimensions. Hetzer continued to patent various ingenious systems, but the first of these that framf be compared with subsequently standardised horizontal glulam was DRP No.

This section needs expansion with: International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment Pressure-treated glulam timbers or timbers manufactured from naturally durable wood species are well suited for creating bridges and waterfront structures.

You can help by adding to it. Glulam — glued laminated timber — opens up still further possibilities for wood building technology. The life cycle greenhouse gas emission is lower for the glulam beams. Automatic finger-jointing machines help cut the finger joints, connect and glue them together under pressure, allowing for a strong, durable joint, capable of carrying high loads comparing to natural wood with the same cross-section.


It also means architects and engineers have virtually unlimited possibilities when designing their own constructions in glulam, whether the task is a small house, the roof of a department store or a road bridge. Journal of the Frake Local History Forum. The development of resin glues contributed to the wide use of glued laminated timber construction.

The roof of the Centre Pompidou-Metz museum is composed of sixteen kilometers of glued laminated timber. CAT 5 hurricane-resistant log houses are built of glulam timber [20]. Glulam is also used for the construction of multi-use facilities such as churches, school buildings, and libraries, and the Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland, California, is one of the examples in a way to enhance the ecological and aesthetic effect.

Due to the production technology, very large structural components are possible. The Kingsway Pedestrian Bridge in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, is constructed of cast-in-place concrete for the support piers, structural steel and glulam for the arch, a post glualm pre-cast concrete walking deck, and stainless steel support rods connecting the arch to the walking deck.