The first full English translation of “Dictionnaire Infernal” by Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy (). As the title suggests, the book is an. Subject (matter): Occult book based on demonology Author: Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy Illustrator: Louis Le Breton There is. The Dictionnaire Infernal (–) has become famous mainly for the De Plancy was an author of many popular accounts of history.

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Carrie Lyon rated it liked it May 22, Ill dict infernal p cali.

Category:Drawings of demons from Dictionnaire Infernal, 6th edition

This version also has some amazing artwork added to it. Shane rated it liked it Feb 03, Ill dict infernal p haborym demon. Ill dict infernal p moloch.

It is a must have for every planyc of the occult, magick, demonology, and witchcraft. There are plenty of reference books on the occult on the market today.

Return to Book Page. Illustrations from Dictionnaire Infernal, 6th edition Demons.

Wondrous imagery – a great classic. The cat-headed demon, Flauros, one of the spirits of the Solomonic tradition. The demon portraits were the work of Louis Le Breton but the edition contains hundreds of other small illustrations and embellishments of varying quality. Mjuelezs rated it xictionnaire liked it May 12, Demons, spirits, creatures, etc.


Ill dict infernal p lechies. This Deluxe Edition comes in a beautiful black box, and the Infernal Dictionary its self is broken up into two volumes. Please help improve this article by checking for citation inaccuracies. Cerberus Dictionnaire Infernal The demon Beelzebub, whose name means according to some ‘Lord of the Flies’, as portrayed by the journalistic occulist, Collin de Plancy, in his Dictionnaire Infernal, Caim in human form.

Dictionnaire Infernal Stock Photos & Dictionnaire Infernal Stock Images – Alamy

Julien Ligne 4 rated it really liked it Oct 21, The Infernal Dictionary is pages of demonology, occult, mythology, theology, and terrifying history. Woodengraving from Collin de Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal, Ill dict infernal p belzebuth figure. Collin de Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal. Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition. Ill dict infernal p cerbere. Jacques Albin Simon Collin de Plancy. Collin de Plancy in the 6th edition of the Dictionnaire Infernal in Original illustration by Louis Breton, engraved by M.

Names of Demons from Collin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal

Infernal Dictionary, or, a Universal Library on the beings, characters, books, deeds, and causes which pertain to the manifestations and magic of trafficking with Hell; divinations, occult sciences, grimoiresmarvels, errors, prejudices, traditions, folktales, the various superstitions, and generally all manner of marvellous, surprising, mysterious, and supernatural beliefs.


The cat-headed demon, Flauros, one of the 72 spirits of the Solomonic tradition, along with his sigil. To ask other readers questions about Dictionnaire Infernalplease sign up. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed.

The demon Asmodeus, who appears with three heads – one humnan, one that of a bull, and the third in the likeness of a rfam. Konrad Lenz rated it liked it Jul 26, Hero Tran rated it it was amazing Oct dictionnairf, The demon Gomory [or Gomery] who is one of the few demons to appear on conjuration in the form of a beautiful woman.

A fascinating bit of work I nabbed for the art, and hang on to for the bizarre. Views Read Edit View history.