Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats Collected by Chet Erez ([email protected]) and Outlands. Dungeons & Dragons Edition Index – Feats – Chet Erez’s d20 Read more about bonus, feats, ranks, opponent, improved and combat. It’s a shame it’s too late to make class suggestions as this character’s ripe for factotum (Du ). More levels of wizard would really be a boon.

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I’m basically looking for feats I’ve never heard of, that could be better suited to the concept than the ones I already parsed through. Empower Turning Gh 31 You can turn or rebuke more undead with a single turning attempt. Draconic Presence CAr 78 When you use your magic, your mere presence can terrify those around you.

Fortify Spell CAr 80 You cast spells that more easily penetrate spell resistance.

Cougar’s Vision CAd You can see in the dark like a cat. Brachiation MW 21 You move through trees like a monkey.

Controlled Cyrstalkeep SS 31 You can stay out of water longer than you otherwise could. Cloak Dance XPH 44 You are skilled at using optical tricks to make yourself seem to be where you are not. Falling Far Strike OA 62 You have mastered the art of striking a nerve that blinds a humanoid opponent.

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Elemental Bloodline Rac You have taken on some of the aspects of the type of element that infuses your flesh. Bladebearer of the Valenar RE Your extensive training makes you especially adept with the curved blades of the Valenar.

Brachiation CAd You can swing through trees like a monkey. Chariot Trample Cryatalkeep 78 You are trained in using your chariot to knock down opponents.

Chet Erez’s d20 Index Files

From my experience, such feats have undergone little to no playtesting, checking for balance, or any other type of scrutiny, which I assume book-printed feats are at least SUPPOSED to undergo. More importantly, it grants the creature the ability crysatlkeep “gain nourishment from eating any organic material, despite its freshness cryatalkeep source. Energize Spell LM 26 Your spells channel positive energy to deal extra damage to undead creatures, but are less effective against other opponents.

I’ve also discarded Brachiation.


Deceitful PH 93 You have a knack for disguising the truth. Choke Hold OA 61 You have learned the correct way to apply pressure to render an opponent unconscious.

Great Intelligence EL 56 Your powers of reason and learning are greater than normal. Craven CR 17 Like most sly rogues, you are a dangerous coward. Improved Grapple OA 63 You are skilled in martial arts that emphasize holds and throws.

Bestial Hide LoM Your skin is thicker, scalier, or furrier than normal. Green Ear SaS 39 Your bardic music and virtuoso performance affect plants and plant creatures. Improved Sunder DD 51 The deity is adept at placing its attacks precisely where it wants them to land. Divine Resistance DF 19 You can channel energy to temporarily reduce damage you and your allies take from some sources. You blend greataxe blows and armor spike attacks into one constant, deadly attack form.


Combat Intuition CAd Your keen understanding of your opponent’s moves and your instinctive feel for the flow of combat enable you to shrewdly assess your opponent’s combat capabilities. Eviscerator LM 26 The allies of your foes are especially afraid of your critical hits. Distant Shot EL 53 You can target a thing you can see with a ranged weapon.

You can create magic items using that feat much more quickly than normal. Jungle Stamina Rac You are acclimated to the disease-ridden jungles of southwestern Faerun. Flick of the Wrist RW With a single motion, you can draw a light weapon and make a devastating attack. Improved Disarm PH 95 You know how to disarm opponents in melee combat. I have no interest in skirmishing. Draconian Breath Weapon DCS 85 You have harnessed your draconic heritage and can attack with a dragonlike breath weapon.