P.N Bhagwati, J.— The petitioner is an organisation dedicated to the cause of release of bonded labourers in the country. The system of bonded labour has. Bandhua Mukti Morcha (BMM) or Bonded Labour Liberation Front (BLLF) is a non-governmental organisation in India working to end bonded labour. Based in New Delhi, it was founded in by Swami Agnivesh who continues as its chairman. Bonded labour was legally abolished in India in but remains prevalent, in India is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. v · t · e. Bandhua Mukti Morcha of India, (3) SCC (Para 4) 2. S.P. Gupta v. Union of India, (2) SCR (Para 3). JUDGEMENT: O R D E R 1.

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The bonded labor system is one of them. Article 32 of the Constitution. Child labour 5 years to 14 years of age is rampant not only in agriculture but also in industries such as those manufacturing matches, locks, carpets, stone quarries, brick kilns, tanneries and diamond cutting and polishing units.

Jitender Arora And Others vs. Children are the greatest gift to humanity. Neglecting the children means loss to the society as a whole.

Though the main judgment was delivered by Bhagwati, J. The Committee has reported: P for being engaged in carpet-weaving centres. That in the absence of a verified petition the Apex Court cannot be moved to exercise its writ jurisdiction. V Gopalakrishnan And Others… vs. Bandhua Mukti Morcha v. This Committee adopted the questionnaire form to elicit information on all relevant aspects which were 18 in number and have collated the muktti. The concept of public interest litigation had not then adequately developed and its contours sufficiently delineated; the practice of accepting letters as a foundation for a writ petition had not also bandhhua clearly established; in writ petitions the practice of appointing Commissioners or investigating muti had not been precedented; the traditional concept of defence of locus standi had mmorcha been wiped away notwithstanding the decision in S.

Ut, Chandigarh And Others S. In the absence of omrcha a confining provision, it is plain that a petitioner maybe anyone in whom the law recognizes a standing to maintain an action of such nature. Child should grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding. Whether or not writ petition under Article 32 of the Constitution is maintainable in the present matter?


Total banishment of employment may drive the children v.ubion mass them up into destitution and other mischievous environment, making them vagrant, hard criminals and prone to social risks etc. That under the above mentioned Act, a labourer would be a bonded labourer only if he has or is presumed mircha have incurred a bonded debt.

If the pollution authority had been made to visit the area at repeated intervals pollution control could have been imposed. That apart these institutions should be a part of the trade. This system under which one person can be bonded to provide labor to another for years and years until an alleged debts supposed to be wiped out which never seems to happen during the life time of the bonded laborer, is totally incompatible with the new egalitarian socio- economic order which we have promised to build and it is not only an affront to basic human dignity but also constitutes gross and revolting violation of constitutional values.

Education enables development of human personality and strengthens the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. Jain furnished his report. Morxha the direction of the Apex Court, a socio-legal investigation was also carried out by Dr. We had called upon the State of Haryana to deposit Rs. K Bhattacharya and N. Raju Ramachandran, an advocate of the Supreme Court with social umkti background, an officer from the Haryana Government not below the rank of Additional District Commissioner and Swami Agnivesh representing the petitioner.

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Bandhua Mukti Morcha versus Union of India AIR 1984 SC 802

The quarrying process involves substantial manual labour and the need of continuous availability of labour at cheap rate has led to the growth of the system v.unin bonded labour in that trade. Groups involved in the case: Help Center Find new research papers in: N Singh, Advocates, with him for the State of U.

Various welfare enactments made by Parliament and the appropriate State Legislatures are only teasing illusions and a promise of unreality unless they are effectively implemented and make the right to life to the child driven to labour a reality, meaningful and happy. Article 3 provides that in all badhua concerning children, whether undertaken by public or private social welfare institutions, courts of law, administrative authorities or legislative bodies, the best interests of the child shall be the primary consideration.


Madras High Court27 Aug This system based on exploitation by a few socially and economically powerful persons kukti on the misery and suffering of large number of men and holding them indua bondage is a relic of a feudal hierarchical society which hypocritically proclaims the divinity of man but treats large masses of people belonging to the lower rungs of the social ladder or economically impoverished segments of society as dirt and chattel. Elementary education shall be compulsory. Upload brief to use the new AI search.

Bandhua Mukti Morcha versus Union of India AIR SC – LawSchoolNotes

No society can have the welfare outlook unless geared up on the basis of amity, friendship, cooperation, consideration and compassion. The bane of the poverty is the root of child labour and the children are being subjected to deprivation of their meaningful right to life, leisure, food, shelter, medical aid and education.

Whether or not the workmen mentioned in the present case are bonded labourers? Articles 39 e and f and 45 of the Constitution.

Slavery persists in our age in various forms. If payment of wages is made on truck basis, the Central V.unjon should direct the appropriate officer to determine the measurement of each truck as to how many cubic feet of stone it can contain and print or inscribe such measurement on the truck so that appropriate wage is received by the workmen and they are not cheated.

It promotes understanding, tolerance and friendship among people. Section 2 sub-section 1 clause b. There shall be no order as to costs.

In course of their movement, for the purpose of complying with this order if fresh cases of bonded labour are noticed by them they would collect the particulars separately and report to the Court. The creditor anxious to exploit the situation ensures that the debt is never satisfied and often on the traditional basis of pious obligation the liability is inherited by the children of the original debtor.

In the morha of constant goading, the exercise had become sporadic and even fell into disuse. Parliament too has been approached.