Water witch Isabelle Novak must form an uneasy alliance with earth witch Thomas Monahan to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power, even though. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Anya Bast tells a really passionate story and leaves you wanting more the Elemental Witch series will be a fantastic read. Anya Bast lives in the country with her Belgian husband, their tornado toddler of a daughter, and more cats, dogs, and rabbits than is sane. Ever since she was a.

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He was so strongly in love with his now-dead wife that he felt he would be cheating on her if he fell in love again, but having indiscriminate sex with numerous women was not cheating?!

Many of you expressed an interest in hearing why I was unable to finish it and so I will give it my best shot, even though it has been two weeks since I attempted to read it.

After high school she moved to the southeast United States where she attended college.

He convinces her to work with him, in stead of against him. I am not sure if she is using sex as a page filler or what but, after awhile I found myself wanting to skip ahead because I was bored. Our male lead Thomas was introduced in book 1 and nicely developed here.


Chicago, Illinois United States. Of cource they have romance and supernatural, but that’s just half of the excitment. The demon is just an additional info.

Witch Heart (Elemental Witches, #3) by Anya Bast

At first, I was really attracted to the idea of elemental witches against evil. And I’m sor Meh, nothing too special. Embrace of the Damned. She is on Earth, and when she tries to get people to help her they call her crazy. I’m also fond of Micah. A man who mind raped her for years, changing her DNA and evolving her powers into something beyond recognition.

She’s lived on another plane for most of her life. This is sad, because good lord, Anya Bast can write some hot sex scenes.

Elemental Witches Series

When Isabelle first encounters Thomas Monahan, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power—and trying to freeze the life out of a warlock she holds responsible for her sister’s death. With a strange and powerful type of elemental magick, Claire isn’t destined to be a demon’s handmaiden.

If extracted from Claire’s “seat” of power, the elium could be used as a weapon. Once I started this book, I didn’t want to put it down. Unfortunately, that wasn’t Witch Heart’s biggest weakness. It was full of action, passion and anua.

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I really felt cheated at this point. I want to read the story, hear about two people who genuinely fall in love with each other. Witch Blood does not fall into that trap. Sexual tension is at its most delicious when there’s time for said tension to build. Preview — Witch Blood by Anya Bast.

This review was first posted on http: Honestly I don’t think they’re worth the time the heroines give them. There are a lot of them, and every single time Thomas and Isabel have sex, we hear the full play-by-play.

Lists with This Book. All this while they try to stop a demon from hunting and killing witches. I was prepared for missing puzzle pieces and not being able to co This review was first posted on http: There she spent her life as a demon handmaiden, until the rouge demons of her land attack her owners in hope of getting a hold of a very powerful weapon.