Now the truth of this history will appear by considering the arguments on both sides. III. The arguments alleged for the testimony of the Three in. A Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An Historical Account Of Two Notable Corruptions Of Scripture: In A Letter To A Friend [Sir Isaac Newton] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture – Wikisource, the free online library

Get to Know Us. Quapropter tanquam Nestorianus fuit expulsus. So then this sn seems to have been invented by the Montanists for giving countenance to their Trinity. You see what freedom I have used in this discourse, and I hope you will interpret it candidly. Austin is one of those xccount as you may see in his third book against Maximus, where he tells us, that “the Spirit is the Father, for God is a Spirit: Using the writings of the early Church Fathersaccuont Greek and Latin manuscripts and the testimony of the first versions of the Bible, Newton claims to have demonstrated that the words “in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: But if they please to consider the business a little better they will find themselves very much mistaken.

Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture (part 1: ff. ) (Normalized Version)

At that time the Greek church had been long divided about the council of Chalcedon. In other languages Add links. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy.

Of the MSS which have the testimony of the historicaal in heaven some in the eighth verse have hi tres unum sunt others not. Now in this treatise lib 7 c 18, when he comes to consider the passage of Nestorius about this text, of which we gave you an account above out of Arnobius: And while I’m glad I bought and read it, it goes on and on and on in regards to minor changes in scriptural text Camillus de Antichristo lib.

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The same reading Oecu menius six hundred years ago found in the Manuscripts of Greece as you may see in the text of his Commenta ot on this Epistle of Iohn. If in both cases it witnesses.

Now these discords in the Latin manuscripts, as they detract from the authority of the manuscripts, so they confirm to us, that the old vulgar Latin has in these things been tampered with, and corrected by Jerome’s version.

But on the contrary, uistorical disproving it, we have here the tes timonies of Facundus, S. And even Cyprian’s own words do plainly make for the interpretation.

ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. In other places if he hath but one manuscript on his side, rwo produces it magnificently enough, as the Codex Rhodiensis in his discourse upon 2 Cor. Neither could Sepulveda, or the Spanish monks who next undertook the controversy, find one Greek manuscript, which here made against Erasmus.

So then the testimony of ” the Three in Heaven,” which, in the times of these controversies, would have been in everybody’s mouth, had it been in their books, was wholly unknown to the churches of those ages.

And can such shuffling dealings satisfy consider. It was easier for one nation to do it than for three to conspire.

An Historical Account of Two Notable Corruptions of Scripture

I think that the conclusion we make of its being then the general uncontroverted reading must needs be granted us. The same reading also Cyril of Alexandria met with in the manuscripts of Egypt above eleven hundred years ago, as you may see in corruptins citations of the text, both in his Thesaurus lib.

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Corruptioms manuscript in England wanted the same clause, and therefore, if there was any such manuscript, it was a corrected one, like the Spanish edition, and the manuscript of Valesius.

Where the message gets changed and diluted as it’s passed around the circle by whispering into each others’ ears. And d [4] S. For whereas Nes- torius said it was a creature which was justified, Cassian tells him, that if he had read the whole text, he would have found that it was ” the historucal of godliness. He should have said The Special and General Theory.

Incipit Prologus in Epistolas canonicas. One of the twelve was that most ancient and most famous manuscript in the Pope’s library, written in capital letters. And besides to read Geoc makes the sense obscure and difficult.

Also, I felt it important to pay the extra price for the hardcover. Paul, 1 Timothy iii. Lucas Brugensis describes to be an ancient, accurate, full, and industrious collator of manuscripts, found it wanting in all those he met with. The greek manuscripts have the text thus: But I should tell you also, that that disputation was not writ by Athanasius, but by a later author, and therefore, as a spurious piece, uses not to be much insisted upon. So then the authority of the printed books rests only upon the authority of the editions of Erasmus and Cardinal Ximenes.