: Samsung BX 40in Black LCD Monitor: Computers & Accessories. Specification sheet: BX Samsung 40″ LCD Montblanc Monitor. Information, datasheets and documents. Where to buy in South Africa. Buy Samsung bx Bx Series 40″ Lcd Display at

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Samsung 400BX User Manual

How do I set power-saving mode? Don’t have an account? Refer sameung the user guide provided with your anti-theft locking device for details. Osd Rotation Settings 6.

Terminology Appendix Terminology Dot Pitch The monitor and screen consist of red, green and blue dots. The screen is blurry.

Fit the 4 holders on the main unit in the grooves in the bracket, and lower 1 and securely hang the main unit on the bracket 2. Select a source from Source List to display the screen of the selected samung. TVs by Matt Elliott 3 days ago. Also, Warranty service may be limited depending on instruction guide.


Select numbers to set a range. Do not place objects containing liquid vases, pots, bottles, etc or metallic objects on top of the product. After an order has been placed, a technician will visit you to install your VESA bracket. Samsung BX commercial display.

Power On Adjustment Holiday Management Settings 6. Never disassemble, repair or modify Press to move to Press to move to Press to move to Setting Vertical This product can only be controlled by using the remote control.


Before Using The Product Changing Format This product can only be controlled by using the remote control. Before Using the Product Caution Leaving the screen fixed on a stationary image for an extended period of time may cause afterimage burn-in or defective pixels. The power LED is off. Appendix Prevention of Afterimage Burn-in What is afterimage burn-in? Color Control Screen Adjustment Color Control Change the color settings for the picture by adjusting the Red, A higher value will increase the intensity of the selected color.


Before Using the Product Exercise caution when adjusting the product angle or stand height. Normal operation refers to a continuously changing video pattern.

An electric shock or fire may result. The mode cannot be controlled if This function is not available in MagicInfo.

TV System Additional Features. Sound Adjustment Configure the sound Sound settings for the product. The screen is too bright.

Refer to page and page 94 for details about Changing any setting under 4. Commands will be executed by each device but ACK will not respond. To lock an anti-theft locking device: Changing any setting under This function is available when Advertisement. Do not use a new and used battery together.