The Korg Toneworks dl Dynamic Echo is in excellent condition and perfect working order. The dl Dynamic Echo provides the kind of features and. Anyone got any experience with one of these? ?itemTitle=korgdl&itemNumber=KOR I need a. i found one NOS and the guy will let me name my price. looks interesting. the reviews are all over the place. Any users here? The predelay.

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A bit noisy and shortish delay times by modern standards.

Dec 2, 5. I had the complete opposite experience when using this.

A special thank you to the ‘new’ guys that helping out. It’s calling my name I think it’s worth it. This is an interesting take on delay pedals. It basically is a digital delay.

In a band setting that kodg mostly goes away. PolynitroDec 2, As it turns out, I asked a friend of mine for an opinion on this box Dec 2, 9. Not true bypass but has an acceptable if not magnificent buffer. But its a pretty cool pedal.

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Korg Toneworks DL Dynamic Echo Delay Pedal | eBay

Is it a cool piece? Ivan from The Madeira uses one, or used to at least. We’ve added some “new” guys to the moderator crew.

Bought a second when they discontinued them just in case. Anyone got any experience with one of these? This pedal is a risky purchase that probably shouldn’t be anybody’s first foray into delay pedals. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms.

Dec 2, 3. My guess is, look elsewhere but curious if these have survived much. Thanks a million for 301d, opinions and offers to help. Dec 2, 2.

Joey Levenson on SoundCloud. The first one just stopped working about 6 months ago or at least got unreliable – I have used it for ten years or so. But you can save your settings. AgitatorDec 3, Very good lo-fi delay sounds can be had.

I am having fun with other delays but the dl served me well for many years. Has a hi-lo switch to pad the input depending on the signal strength. I read a review online, though, where one guy claimed that ,org was too noisy and he got rid of it There are times when I love the tone that I get out of it A nice, wet delay, not one that is marred by excessive echo, or one that sounds too huge. So that will be the next one I try, and 301sl that doesn’t satisfy me, maybe I’ll break down and give this one a shot.


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If you go through with the purchase I can explain how it works. Dec 2, 4. The ducking, pre-delay, and tone cuts let you really shape your sounds. But they are cool. Dec 2, 6. Let us know what you think of it if you do pick it up. The predelay makes it look like it has 031dl heads.