In a world in which violence in every form seems to be increasing, Erich Fromm has treated this problem with deep perception in the most. The Anatomy of Human. Destructiveness. Erich Fromm. HOLT, RINEHART AND WINSTON. New York Chicago San Francisco. The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness has ratings and 63 reviews. Raya راية said: ما دام المرء يعتقد أن الإنسان الشرير يحمل قرنين، فإنه لن يكتشف شر.

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The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness

anatojy The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology and arranged the means to give satisfactions which fit efich pathology. He writes, memorably, “Exploitation and manipulat I skimmed the first eight chapters and then read thoroughly the last five, on aggression. Conceding that there is a kind of aggression which man shares with animals, Fromm shows that it is defensive in nature, designed to insure survival.

Freud, of course, emphasized the unconscious, biological drives, repression, and so on.

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness – Erich Fromm – Google Books

Other than saying “hello” to folks as they came in, there really wasn’t much to do but go off to Stuart Brent books around the corner during the lunch break. Namun, bila Anda bisa menerima detail itu sebagai ‘evidence’, Anda akan bisa melihat bahwa Fromm memiliki banyak bukti soal premisnya: Sociology, Frich of Heidelberg, destructoveness, was a psychoanalyst and social philosopher who explored the interaction between psychology and society, and held various professorships in psychology in the U.

The whole culture is geared to this kind of pathology. Destructiveness is seen in terms of the dreams and associations of many patients, and of historical figures such as Stalin–an extreme example of sadism; Himmler–an example of the bureaucratic-sadistic character; and Hitler.


Erich Fromm was a German-born U. Be the erkch one to write a review. His current hypothesis is only corroborated by his previous study on gods: Tuhoava ihminen on suositeltava teos ihan jokaiselle kirjallisuusharrastajalle.

My duties consisted of guardi During the summer between college and my first graduate school I worked as a security guard for Chicago’s Dsstructiveness Athletic Club on Ontario and Michigan Avenues in the Gold Coast area. The position at the club was a peach. Once this process has been fully established there is no limit to destructiveness because nobody destroys: Trivia About The Anatomy of Hu Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Account Options Sign in. Stalin is a special kind of sadist; Hitler is a special kind of necrophiliac. Although there were a few disagreements and killings, there was no indication whatsoever that there was war in the two thousand years of the city’s existence.

He died in My library Help Advanced Book Search.

Erich Fromm – The Anatomy Of Human Destructiveness

The destructive impulse grew, Fromm argues, with the development of agriculture, the formation of states and hierarchies, and has reached a peak in today’s industrialized societies. One explores Hitler, whose lack of will, coldness, narcissism, and sadism were hidden under a thin veneer of politeness. He feels at ease among those who suffer from the same deformation, in fact, destructivenses is the fully sane person who feels isolated in the insane society – and he may suffer so much from the incapacity to communicate that it is he who may become psychotic.

Fromm ei uskalla ottaa kaikkein anatomt irtiottoja, ja puhuu toisinaan ristiin. Although deeply indebted to Freud, Fromm emphasizes social and cultural factors as well. Open Preview See a Problem?

The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness by Erich Fromm

Among the reasons of its lengthy peace is due to the fact that Catal Hoyuk was a matricentric society, and the mother figure is anatony a figure attached to life, and not death. References to this book Positive Social Behavior and Morality: I had read other books by Erich Fromm and was reading destrucyiveness approaches to Psychology. The latter is broadened far beyond the usual sexual connotation and seems to be Fromm’s most significant innovation.


View all 10 comments. Critical and radical thought will only bear fruit when it is blended with the most precious quality man is endowed with – the love of life.

I love it whenever a book corrects my perspectives by debunking all my wrong preconceptions regarding things I believed were axiomatic. If the person has failed to grow Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Least of all is it passive as far as the growth and liberation of one’s own person are concerned. Situations in the Second World War feature ‘the technicalization of destruction, and with it the removal of the full affective recognition of what one is doing.

Fromm knew what he was talking about and is able to share it in ordinary and compelling language. I’ve read this one several times and often re-read specific parts.

The anatomy of human destructiveness Erich Fromm Snippet view – Se on psykologinen tutkielma, jonka suurin ansio on menneisyyden psykologisten teorioiden kumoaminen ja uusien suuntaviivojen luominen. Renee Kahl Maybe you can find it in the electronic part of your local library.

On the contrary, the sick individual finds himself at home with all other similarly frich individuals. His analysis of the human condition is both insightful and inciteful.