Getting ElsterFormular Running with Wine on linux. I’ve been doing my taxes here in Germany for the past few years with the help of wine. ElsterFormular x on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS. RSS Feed · Overview ElsterFormular x. Click the Download Free Trial button above and. on Mac, Linux & Chrome OS ElsterFormular is the official software provided by the German tax authorities for ElsterFormular x. Click the.

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ElsterFormular is the official german software to file a tax return. Laptop After having been for a couple of hackfests which my much loved white netbook read: I am not sure about the title yet but that was the best I could think of. Message 56 received at bugs. View this report as an mbox folderstatus mboxmaintainer mbox. Bug ; Package playonlinux. Encryption is not an option but a default I will still try to use it with out elsterformula update function. Of course we might return with some new feature at some point and there is linuc a hackfest planned so stay tuned.

Maybe, the problem could be fixed by letting PlayOnLinux pre-install elstedformular runtime. Take the roundabout twice before going ahead!

Message Thanks for the script. Michael Weimann Last Author: Since this now requires vcrun I simply put in the script taken from here: You have taken responsibility.


Use it at your own risk Try this update Message Since this now requires vcrun I simply put eosterformular the script taken from here: Reply or subscribe to this bug.

E-Mail E-Mail might not be as big for private communication anymore but it is still the way most businesses exchange data and information. Unfortunatly it does not work for me, too.

Message I must confirm the failure. Es befindet sich dort ja bereits die Zeile:. Linux Mint 18 Sarah Xfce wine Message No chance to install Message 81 received at bugs.

Empathy is elsterflrmular obvious choice here. Acknowledgement sent to www-data tvmirrors.


Tested on Ubuntu I reported this back as I kind of assume things like that installed when I order a laptop with operating system. Unbedingt notwendig ist der Schritt nicht, aber er verbessert die Lesbarkeit des Programms. Message 86 received at bugs.

You know a solution? Another thing I couldn’t find any solution for is the PDF view. Sat, 14 May Thank you Replies weeman Monday 18 May at After the installation the message appears: Eventuell ist danach in Neustart dex X-Window-Systems notwendig. Acknowledgement sent to apache ds Just check this folder to get the printfile pdf: Message The playonlinux team is currently busy making version 5.


It seems to me they did some updates – the download-site gives you a msi-file which is named: Thu, 07 Jan Message Thanks for your feedback.

Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich – SPIEGEL ONLINE

Message Unfortunatly it does not work for me, too. I’ll add a version check and some text for workarounds to the installer. Is vcrun no longer needed?

Ljnux, I clicked on “Install the programm”, a window appears, asking if I really agree to open the program with playonmac and I click on “agree” but nothing happens.

Mit Installation via Wine: Erstmals Steuersoftware unter Linux möglich

As there are various programs for any platform that should be too difficult with a quick link to a wiki page. Mon, 29 Jun Posted by jhs Filed in EnglishElstterformularReise. If any logs or whatever are needed, please tell me what I can deliver to help.

Elster-Formular unter Linux 5. I try to enter this file ElsterFormularKomplett. Ellsterformular follow the instructions. I could grab an older version from the pc of my mother she is always faster doing the tax-things