DOT-SP Special Permit Packages are designed, tested, and certified for shipping Packing Group I, II, and III Hazardous Materials. The Special Permit. Berlin Packaging DOT SP PACKAGING SHIP BOX DFS Item. Manufacturer: Berlin Packaging HMS DG HMS ZERO 32OZ W/ABSORB(PP POUCH). Utilize our Special Permit, DOT-SP , to ship approved hazardous materials without labeling, placarding, or segregation domestically, or meet the 4GV.

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Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP-9168, 1 Liter Bottle

Additionally, the UN specification packagings listed in paragraphs e 12and 3 of this section must meet the packaging specification and performance requirements of part dot-ep this subchapter at the Packing Group III performance level.

The permitted maximum net quantity must be calculated in kilograms if a package contains both a liquid and a solid.

Bag means a flexible packaging made of paper, plastic film, textiles, woven material or other similar materials. Limited Quantity Shipments see I can’t emphasize enough the importance of contacting MPD if you are a victim of crime.

Marking means a descriptive name, identification number, instructions, cautions, weight, specification, or UN marks, or combinations thereof, required by this subchapter on outer packagings of hazardous materials. The closure device must be so designed that it is unlikely that it can be incorrectly or incompletely closed.

Each hazmat employee of a person required to have a security plan in accordance with subpart I of this part who handles hazardous materials covered by the plan, performs a regulated function related to the hazardous materials covered by the plan, or is responsible for implementing the plan must be trained concerning the security plan and its implementation. If not, a separate telephone number must be indicated for each package. Mode means any of the following transportation methods; rail, highway, air, or water.

Packagings must conform to the general packaging requirements of subpart B of this part but need not conform to the requirements of part of this subchapter. The packagings must be designed and constructed to prevent movement of the articles and inadvertent activation.


All other Class 9 UN safety device designs are required to be submitted to the Associate Administrator for approval and assigned an EX number; 2 A safety device may be classed as Division 1. The following provisions apply to consumer commodities: Hazardous Materials Security Shippers and carriers are required to develop and implement a security plan addressing risks related to the transportation of hazardous materials.

Bursting test or 44 Edge Crush Test will be required. Lighter refills offered for transportation under this section may not exceed 4 fluid ounces capacity 7. Engine means a locomotive propelled by any form of energy and used by a railroad. FedEx Ground does not accept: Except for transportation by aircraft, for a Division 5.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP | Labelmaster

In addition, inner packagings or cushioning may not be used to fill the void space; or ii Outer packaging consisting of 4H2 solid plastic boxes or non-specification rugged reusable plastic outer packaging and inner static-resistant plastic bags or trays.

For a foreign manufacturer, the U. This term is not applicable to consolidated shipments of household hazardous materials transported from collection centers. Volume per Carton Max. The maximum authorized gross weight is 34 kg 75 pounds. Flammable Liquids, corrosive, n. Authorized Inspection Agency means: Format see all Format.

DOT Special Permit General All packages containing hazardous materials must be properly classified, described, packaged, marked, labeled and in proper condition for transportation according to applicable DOT regulations and FedEx Ground requirements.

Initial training for a railroad maintenance-of-way employee or railroad signalman in accordance with this section must be completed by October 1, Lithium cells or batteries contained in equipment may be transported as Class 9 materials if the cells and batteries meet all the requirements of paragraph a of this section, except paragraph a 4 of this section, and the equipment is packed in a strong outer packaging that is waterproof or is made waterproof through the use of a liner unless the equipment is made waterproof by nature of its construction.

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A combination packaging containing liquid hazardous materials must be packed so that closures on inner packagings are upright.

The net quantity of material in any inner packaging may not exceed 2. Maximum allowable working pressure or MAWP: The Associate Administrator may require that the fireworks be examined by an agency listed in paragraph b 1 of this section.

Limited quantities of flammable solids Division 4. Store the lighters in a desiccator for 24 hours. Batteries packaged in this manner are not permitted for transportation by passenger aircraft, and may be transported by cargo aircraft only if approved by the Associate Administrator prior to transportation. Bursting test or 55 Edge Crush test.

Special Permit Packaging DOT-SP, 1 Liter Bottle | Labelmaster

The cell or battery must be transported as a Class 9 material. Lighters must be further packaged in rigid, strong outer packagings meeting the general packaging requirements of subpart B of part Security training must include company security objectives, specific security procedures, employee responsibilities, actions to take in the event of a security breach, and the organizational security structure.

vot-sp Overpacked 49 CFR Bottle dto-sp an inner packaging having a neck of relatively smaller cross section than the body and an opening capable of holding a closure for retention of the contents. Acceptable forms of proof are: This training must also include a component covering how to recognize and respond to possible security threats.

Antimony lactate Antimony potassium tartrate Arsenic acid, liquid Arsenic acid, solid Arsenic bromide Arsenic compounds, liquid, n. Filling density has the following meanings: