Unfortunately the L2 rules aren’t posted anywhere. Seems inconceivable for a wargame company wanting to sell games in , but true. We will post tournament resources, answer rules questions, and give strategy tips . Breakout: Normandy Player’s Guide. Menu Buy the game from L2. Buy Breakout – Normandy (Deluxe 2nd Edition) – Wargame from L2 Design in the clarifying and simplifying of the rules in the full-color, lush style of L2 Design.

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For example, “SW NM ” means shrink wrapped in near-mint condition.

Normandy was one of those classic games that basically got everything right from the start. Best not to send for a second die roll. Email required Address never made public.

That said, most of below seems sensible or plausible to me braekout I will refer to it in case of some dispute. That is merely good sportsmanship.

The Eliminator cannot advance, but he can eliminate an opponent.

The entire thing must be redone. Extremely well used and has major flaws, which may be too numerous to mention. Inland, three airborne divisions, dropped during the night, are already engaged in a life and death struggle for control of crucial bridges and road junctions. So what does the new Deluxe Edition provide different from the original?

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Normandy a graphic portrayal of the first week of battle in which Rommel’s panzers struggled to throw the allies back into the sea. PBeM 11 Start Date: Even if you are using a computer aide, this can be handy if there is a question about a previous move or dice roll.

Breakout: Normandy Handbook | First Minnesota Historical Wargame Society | VideoGameGeek

Players can agree to use their own, but I think these are sensible. Claiming that VP does not prevent the Brewkout player from also fulfilling the “. To complete the Allied Aid package, Weather Changes…were made less likely by eliminating their occurrence during air and naval bombardment.

If the Beach Area can accept only two more units before becoming fully stacked, what happens to the other three? Thankfully, besides simply getting the game back in print, not much. You k2 commenting using your WordPress.

Breakout – Normandy (Deluxe 2nd Edition)

Further down this page are the rules for the next tournament. The real change is in the rulebook. Fresh units which begin an Impulse in a Contested Area may use a double impulse to attack before or after a bombardment of that Area, or to combine with units entering the Area in a combined Assault. To address those he jettisoned the Victory Point for holding the Advantage.


Mistakes and Illegal Moves: It is even nromandy to bid “negative supply” to increase your chances of getting the Allied side. If you have any questions or comments regarding grading or anything else, please send e-mail to nobleknight nobleknight. Since the primary defender had to pay no CP losses it would be under no obligation to be the first unit to retreat in a voluntary retreat. Among those available are ACTS.

Breakou assaulting units in a failed assault become D1. Yes, but only after paying the required one or two MFs spent by the attacking units. To find out more, including bormandy to control cookies, see here: In addition, during the course of 6, myself and fellow assistant GM’s did have to rule several times, so in the interest of consistency, I will post those rulings.

Multiple die roll requests: Lastly there is Aide de Camp.